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Why you should hug your inner demon.

We all got our very own shadow side. It is the same one that makes us show a good dose of violent behavior towards other drivers in traffic, eat your sister’s chocolate cake  (and blame dad for it afterwards) or simply trigger harming behavior that might cause pain to us or/and to others. But how can we accept, love and control the terrible monster that we can turn into? Continue reading

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How to deal with break up…?

This is going to be a post on one of the oldest and the most popular topics of all times.  I am quite sure that if you would dig deep enough in some Egyptian scrolls or Aztec stones you will find it somehow, somewhere. Love is with us from the dawn of humanity and it will be the last thing to go when the divine spirit will decide to burn as back to ashes for good.

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Meditation Music from “Maok”

Just as I was loosing all my hopes for Slovakian music scene (anybody who has ever seen DJ Rytmus would be on the same page) … I found Maok! (My hopes for Czech music scene are long gone)

You can find a lot of amazing music on their website including some downloads here (second one from top is absolutely astonishing concert in a church)

The song that is attached to this post is called “Liecenie” which means “Healing” but I found most of Maok music literally soul-mending.

Hope you will enjoy this hidden gem of introspection music. 😉 Continue reading

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The Lord’s Flames – part 1

..the last thing I can remember is sharp pain and my left arm blazing with purple fire. It occurred to me if it is not because it’s always been my favorite color….

The tavern stench like dog piss. I was waiting for 3 hours already and Merchant was not even close by. Maybe I should have go on my own or maybe I shouldn’t go at all. But what difference does it make.. When I was about to leave, leaving a gold coin on the table. I felt Merchant is close. Good news, then..over all. I went outside to meet him half-way. He was all wrapped up in expensive brocade so heavy and thick he could barely walk and was sweating like a pig.

“Oh..there you are.. I thought you would leave..” Merchant’s triple chin was shaking like pork jelly while he was talking.

“So did I.”

“Jesus .. don’t look at me like that with that dazzling one-eye of yours. I told you I have to make some arrangements first.”

“..and I told you I don’t care. Do you have money and the map?”

“Of course, I do. Here you go, he should be somewhere around Purple Woods.” Merchant gave me a piece of paper, a map covered with fragments of notes and marks. It was hardly holding in one piece.

“Fine. See you in one week.” I turned the other way and was heading to stables to pick up my horse.

“Hey! Stop! And how about your sister? I have heard she is in troubles….” Merchant voice weakened in the distance before it disappeared completely and was covered up by the sound of the southern wind. I pick up my horse and took a closer look at the map. Location of the Cave Entrance was marked by red cross. Next to the cross there was a note “Get some Balm of Gilead”

That might be tough. It is fairly easy to find if you know who to ask and are ready to pay the price. My sister always got some with her, she would keep it in her pocket all the time wrapped in a piece of cloth that smells of lavender.. Burning feeling suddenly run through my chest. I was looking at the clouds for a moment and then pull my focus back to the map. None of the other notes seemed to have bigger importance and one on the side “Behold Violet Flame of Purification” just didn’t make any sense… at that time.

So I need Balm of Gilead. Fair enough. I knew somebody who will have plenty of it although she won’t entrust it to anyone that easily… be continued.


Interview with Phil Hine about Chaos Magic.

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This interview got 7 parts, you can all find them on Youtube and all of them are equally interesting.

It will possible resonate more with all the Aleister Crowley juniors out there so I believe that’s the reason why this video even more important for people who is either not directly familiar with his work or just rather disagree with it.

For those people the interview will be real intellectual challenge. (Especially recommended for all the religious people out there)

One of my friends recently got a great point, its great to meet people with same interest as you but this can lead to the situation when you are just confirming each other point of view instead of challenging it.

For the very same reason I would recommend for all the Thelemaphills to go and try to find an actual catholic priest.

If you would be scared to face opposite opinions you might miss very important experience that may lead to great move forward on your spiritual path.


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What 7 of cups teaches us about commitment phobia.

In Rider-Waite  Tarot system the 7 of cups card represents a person standing in front of 7 cups filled with various desirable objects. The cups look almost identical and they are not grounded but floating in the air. In a sense they are actually out of reach of the person standing in front of them but still within his sight. The very simplified meaning of the cards is to have more choices then one or building a flying castles.

I would like to focus on the “more choice” side of the archetype. Friend of mine recently told me she is feeling like she has to discover all things that are here, don’t really wont to commit to one thing because  she would feel like she is missing something..and I was thinking.. “missing what?”

Of course, when your life is consisting of repetitive stereotypes only that is a very troublesome BUT are you actually missing something by staying all the time at position 0? (yes, I am talking about Fool card) Isn’t that stagnation in the very same fashion?

As I believe the principles of life are universal and range from quantum physics to you having bad day. There is just one “Life”, one and only archetype that includes everything. In the light of this fact actually makes more sense WHERE exactly are you on your journey more then what are you following because it works on same principle.

It is like starting with a stamp collection…and then a coins collection… Different cups, but still the same experience of starting over and over again. Just like the cups on the 7 of cups card: identical and floating in the air, unless you go all the way down on your collector journey and turn it into real experience, then it doesn’t matter what are you collecting.

I used the “collector” metaphor to make the idea more “edible” but this can seemingly apply to other interests or even relationships in our life.

So I would say don’t be scared to get into some “heavy shit”. Yes, it can be a disaster, yes it can be painful and you might have to face your worst fears but  as at the end of the day you only benefit from it. 😉

Music and Tarot : The Death Card

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I love YouTube. I was looking for something completely different and came to this. What a brilliant idea : describing a tarot card with a music. Why oh why somebody haven’t got the idea before since it is sooo obvious.

In most Tarot related book, you will find smarter or less smart meanings of the card and some of the better books even got some “too many words” description offering some in depth outlook at the card. (Pointing out, that you should use your intuition anyway)

Intuition is not triggered just by eyes (common myth) but also by sounds, and if you are bit more sensitive then smells can do it too. I believe this might be a great approach to understanding Tarot cards : as full, all sense experience, where you can not just see the card, but also hear, feel and smell (not the smell of the paper! I am talking metaphorically!)

However, back the video, I like it a lot not just because I am fan of any macabre classical music (Dance Macabre -all time fav) but because of the mood of it, you got the sense of slow transition, place where you have to go alone, but you are not afraid of it anymore.

Death is making us stronger, it liberates our spirit. Unbind truth from fake. Set us free from pain and connect us back with the Source Of All Life.

It is one of the most remarkable forces ever given to us. It deserves our respect, not fear. 🙂


Universal Golden Tarot

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Golden Universal Tarot deck

The Golden Universal Tarot is a re-printing of the Universal Tarot by Roberto de Angelis, a redrawn and more dynamic version of the Rider-Waite. This edition has selected symbols and imagery decorated with gold foil on its 78 cards. (Lo Scarabeo website)

To be brutally honest, I was never drawn to original RWS tarot cards for some reason.. I found it ..boring (Blasphemy!! Burn the witch!)

BUT then I saw this version of Universal tarot with beautiful cards and gold decoration and I was absolutely stunned, I immediately loved it and ordered it. It was reasonable priced and unreasonably pretty. I was surprised why it is not actually very well “exposed” deck on tarot forums.. (like let say Wild Unknown..)

Well it is “just another RWS clone” …but I found something in its imagery and energy I just couldn’t find somewhere else.

Golden Universal Tarot

Golden Universal Tarot deck picture by Me

However.. one thing let me down.. and that is the stock paper..  It not even standard scarabeo stock like the one they used for The Tarot of the Magical Forest which is on great paper.

The imagery is very similar to the Raider-Waite just bit more “lively” that’s is actually great with most cards.. there is just a few cards where I would prefer the original, like the “ten of swords” which is bit too “Hollywood” for me.

The gold foil works great with the colors and on some cards creates shine gradients of gold and color. Few cards got intentional “faults” which I know some people didn’t like, but I don’t mind it that much.

Is this a good beginner tarot deck? Ehh ..yes and no… Yes, if you saw it and love it. No, if you think that not having titles on each card would bother you.

Overall this is been one of my favorite decks, it reads very well. Clients love it, I love it. I found it great for meditation.

PS: If you would be wondering about the images, my day job is a photographer 😉 You can have a look at my portfolio at