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Is Facebook really a revolutionary “new idea”?

Yesterday, I came across a tarot reader on one of the London tarot group meetings, who was talking about new technologies and the way the reflect in tarot readings. It didn’t feel right to me for some reason. I’ve never thought¬† about “social media” and “new technology” as an archetype or self-sufficient element so this kind of made me think about the origin of the whole phenomenon of social media…

I think for us to be able to see the origin of it we have to go back in time (1.21 gigawatts, please), slightly before the industrial revolution. Living in Europe or US, you would most likely live in smaller town or village and most of you family and friend would live close by.
You would gather in church, market place, after work, while working on farm or a field… so you would be probably in constant connection with them. Your work, family and friends are all in once place, well connected.

Even now, small towns or village does work like an actually living Facebook. Everybody knows everything.  If you ve been fired from your work, the whole village will know it before you even come back home.

The fast communication was quite easy back then, you lived in the middle of your own community. It’s quite different now, I have a most of my friends and family all over the world. It is hard to create this “small village” community type of feeling on longer distances. So I think that where Facebook is coming.

It is not a revolutionary new tool, if it would people would not accept it so easily. It is bringing back elements to our lives that we lost somewhere on the way to the ultimate technology debauchery.