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Study Helping Gamma Frequency sound

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Another great find on Youtube. This one is amazing when you need a bit stronger “Kick” or maybe even starting to feel a bit brain-tired after a long day of mental work.


The Longest Way

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This video is quite old, you probably already have seen it. But even if you did I would like to add some thoughts to it. Thanks to unmistakable principle of synchronicity I came across this video exactly when I was thinking about where to find true spirituality.

It is foolish to think that the mystery of life is accessible only to humans and even only to humans interested in occult or spiritual.

Life is in everything and everything is life.

And that is why I found this video great, not because of his changing haircut.. but his changing eyes! At the beginning you can see somebody truly “disconnected” and at the end somebody who re-connected with the source and found spirituality without any man-made structures but purely through the process of experience and understanding.

Well… interesting….



Are people with Psychic abilities actually good for something?

Oh well, it seems like most of my post are triggered by me hearing something I generally disagree on and I use my blog as a hostage to make a point… oh well..what can you do…

This one was triggered by a friend who were astonished by a psychic able to tell him details from his childhood without knowing much about him. Even though I generally feel this IS impressive however in terms of actual benefit of this for a human life… eh.. not so much.

I am not saying this abilities does not exist. They do. But all this mind reading, moving objects with on and so on, it is not having a greater impact on others life then a circus magician show.

You feel amazed. You feel surprised and the worst part is you feel there is a proof for existence of something higher. Proof that comes not from light that you feel within yourself but from an external comedian.

It is like giving a thirsty person a cup of vine and tell him you are the only one who can give to him while he is standing in crystal clear water all the time, just unaware of it.

While I do believe Tarot is different as it is great tool that can truly help with understanding archetypes around you, I more impressed with people who got “light”, happiness and understanding inside them as for me those people are actual proof of higher principal existence. More then any mind reading, past life kinetic magician.


PS: I am sorry, L. Please don’t hate me.

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Is Facebook really a revolutionary “new idea”?

Yesterday, I came across a tarot reader on one of the London tarot group meetings, who was talking about new technologies and the way the reflect in tarot readings. It didn’t feel right to me for some reason. I’ve never thought  about “social media” and “new technology” as an archetype or self-sufficient element so this kind of made me think about the origin of the whole phenomenon of social media…

I think for us to be able to see the origin of it we have to go back in time (1.21 gigawatts, please), slightly before the industrial revolution. Living in Europe or US, you would most likely live in smaller town or village and most of you family and friend would live close by.
You would gather in church, market place, after work, while working on farm or a field… so you would be probably in constant connection with them. Your work, family and friends are all in once place, well connected.

Even now, small towns or village does work like an actually living Facebook. Everybody knows everything.  If you ve been fired from your work, the whole village will know it before you even come back home.

The fast communication was quite easy back then, you lived in the middle of your own community. It’s quite different now, I have a most of my friends and family all over the world. It is hard to create this “small village” community type of feeling on longer distances. So I think that where Facebook is coming.

It is not a revolutionary new tool, if it would people would not accept it so easily. It is bringing back elements to our lives that we lost somewhere on the way to the ultimate technology debauchery.

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How to balance your spiritual and working life

So recently one of my friends came to a decision to quite his job, get rid of his money and go on spiritual path .. I believe lots of people feel the same way : material world and spiritual world as been enemies and you can not go spiritual without getting rid of  material life. So this made me write this post as this perception is utterly utterly wrong…

For a starter I would like to , as expected, give an example from Tarot cards.  78 cards of Tarot are divided to 2 parts : Major arcana – 22 cards that deals with spiritual journey and Minor Arcana 56 cards that deals with everyday life matters. Minor arcana are archetype situation from material world that we experience and with the help of Major arcana we understand them and obtain knowledge.

Preview_DSC6103WEB The ultimate goal of human life is to understand AND experience unity of all the aspects of life, its inner connections and ultimately feel as  part of this mechanism. Everyday life (yes, even your idiotic boss) is here to create “experience” , spiritual is here to create “understanding” of that experience.  It doesn’t matter if you life in rain forest (with idiotic Tribal chief) or in New York, everything was written by one hand.

So now we are coming to why is getting rid of the material world is such a bad idea. We have already started to separate spiritual and everyday life at some point during the industrial revolution. This led us into imbalance, because we have “experience” but we don’t have “understanding”. Trying to even widen this gap can not possibly do any good.

Knowledge is freedom. And knowledge comes though both experience and understanding.

Tereza aka Coco Tarot

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“Procrastinator Eradicator” sound meditation

As many of us (yes, I count you to this group too as the fact that you are reading this post means there is something more important you should be doing ..and obviously you are not) we have problem with new sickness that came with the internet times : procrastination.

Thankfully, the technology which cause this (internet) also comes with a solution. Procrastinator Eradicator is great alpha sound meditation that  will  “entrain your mind to 10Hz; a relaxed, but focused state”

Great sound to listen with reading or general working on computer. Definately use the headphones to fully enjoy it and dont forget to stay hydrated and drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day.

Tereza aka Coco

Shadowscape Tarot deck

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“Tea and Tarot” ritual

Today I would like to talk/write about the importance of intuition developing rituals. This apply to both tarot readers and tarot untouched individuals for whom are strongly recommend to get some appealing tarot deck even if it will be just for purposes described further on.

As there is a day and night forming together a great partners, our logical and down-to-earth thinking makes great partner with illogical intuition. Only by combining those two together is possible to perceive the life in its fullest truthful state.We are living in times where intuition and spirituality is very underestimated. This might lead to lack of balance within us and creating a false perception about our lives and priorities.

So that’s why I came up with the idea for “Tea and Tarot” ritual that may help to restore the intuition and ultimately the balance with your mind.

All you need is:

  • Tea of choice (my personal favorite is mint tea or any tea without caffeine)
  • Some snuggling device like armchair
  • Silence or sound meditation
  • Deck of Tarot cards
  • Pen and paper

Now all you need to do is to make a tea, feel comfy and shuffle the cards. Pick one. Stare. Stare. Stare. Let the imagination flowing slowly. Stare. Gaze. Now take the paper and start to write down keywords, stories, sentences what ever comes to your mind. Don’t stop until the paper is full of notes!

Don’t be afraid that it is embarrassing or it doesn’t make sense. If you feel like writing “Fart” 10 times do it.

Repeat this ritual every now and then or “when it feels like it”.

This exercise will inevitably help your intuition and reconnection with your subconscious.


Ps: If you like this, or find this helpful please like/comment or share so I know what kind of articles are the most interesting for you and should make more like that.

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Tarot reading for Kiev Demonstrations

As  you might saw in TV or internet, today demonstrations in Kiev got worse.

You can read about it here:

So I decided to do a short 3 cards spread for the situation to have some more insight on the situation from the tarot point of view.

I used Golden Universal Tarot and the reading is:

10 pentacles Reversed    –   Wheel of Fortune  –  Page of Wands Reversed

So the demonstrations got root in past financial problems and instability of the country. The people in there got frustrated by not being able feel fulfillment in their daily life.

Now the wheels of fortune are turning, bringing dramatic changes and events, what was down is going up and what was up is going down. This might be showing  temporary change of power distribution over the country however the reversed page of wands suggests that those changes might not be stable and there probably will be a lot of confusion and strong opposition might bring those changes down.

The advice for the people of Ukraine is, be on your guard as you might be easily thrown from your horse. Civil war would only make things worse and being reckless might lead to more confusion and eventually might lead to disrupted project that originally started successfully.

In this case force will not resolve the situation, it will only make it worse.

Hope you all will be alright and save! I am sending you some light.