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Tarot reading for Kiev Demonstrations

As  you might saw in TV or internet, today demonstrations in Kiev got worse.

You can read about it here:

So I decided to do a short 3 cards spread for the situation to have some more insight on the situation from the tarot point of view.

I used Golden Universal Tarot and the reading is:

10 pentacles Reversed    –   Wheel of Fortune  –  Page of Wands Reversed

So the demonstrations got root in past financial problems and instability of the country. The people in there got frustrated by not being able feel fulfillment in their daily life.

Now the wheels of fortune are turning, bringing dramatic changes and events, what was down is going up and what was up is going down. This might be showing  temporary change of power distribution over the country however the reversed page of wands suggests that those changes might not be stable and there probably will be a lot of confusion and strong opposition might bring those changes down.

The advice for the people of Ukraine is, be on your guard as you might be easily thrown from your horse. Civil war would only make things worse and being reckless might lead to more confusion and eventually might lead to disrupted project that originally started successfully.

In this case force will not resolve the situation, it will only make it worse.

Hope you all will be alright and save! I am sending you some light.