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Universal Golden Tarot

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Golden Universal Tarot deck

The Golden Universal Tarot is a re-printing of the Universal Tarot by Roberto de Angelis, a redrawn and more dynamic version of the Rider-Waite. This edition has selected symbols and imagery decorated with gold foil on its 78 cards. (Lo Scarabeo website)

To be brutally honest, I was never drawn to original RWS tarot cards for some reason.. I found it ..boring (Blasphemy!! Burn the witch!)

BUT then I saw this version of Universal tarot with beautiful cards and gold decoration and I was absolutely stunned, I immediately loved it and ordered it. It was reasonable priced and unreasonably pretty. I was surprised why it is not actually very well “exposed” deck on tarot forums.. (like let say Wild Unknown..)

Well it is “just another RWS clone” …but I found something in its imagery and energy I just couldn’t find somewhere else.

Golden Universal Tarot

Golden Universal Tarot deck picture by Me

However.. one thing let me down.. and that is the stock paper..  It not even standard scarabeo stock like the one they used for The Tarot of the Magical Forest which is on great paper.

The imagery is very similar to the Raider-Waite just bit more “lively” that’s is actually great with most cards.. there is just a few cards where I would prefer the original, like the “ten of swords” which is bit too “Hollywood” for me.

The gold foil works great with the colors and on some cards creates shine gradients of gold and color. Few cards got intentional “faults” which I know some people didn’t like, but I don’t mind it that much.

Is this a good beginner tarot deck? Ehh ..yes and no… Yes, if you saw it and love it. No, if you think that not having titles on each card would bother you.

Overall this is been one of my favorite decks, it reads very well. Clients love it, I love it. I found it great for meditation.

PS: If you would be wondering about the images, my day job is a photographer 😉 You can have a look at my portfolio at