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The Lord’s Flames – part 1

..the last thing I can remember is sharp pain and my left arm blazing with purple fire. It occurred to me if it is not because it’s always been my favorite color….

The tavern stench like dog piss. I was waiting for 3 hours already and Merchant was not even close by. Maybe I should have go on my own or maybe I shouldn’t go at all. But what difference does it make.. When I was about to leave, leaving a gold coin on the table. I felt Merchant is close. Good news, then..over all. I went outside to meet him half-way. He was all wrapped up in expensive brocade so heavy and thick he could barely walk and was sweating like a pig.

“Oh..there you are.. I thought you would leave..” Merchant’s triple chin was shaking like pork jelly while he was talking.

“So did I.”

“Jesus .. don’t look at me like that with that dazzling one-eye of yours. I told you I have to make some arrangements first.”

“..and I told you I don’t care. Do you have money and the map?”

“Of course, I do. Here you go, he should be somewhere around Purple Woods.” Merchant gave me a piece of paper, a map covered with fragments of notes and marks. It was hardly holding in one piece.

“Fine. See you in one week.” I turned the other way and was heading to stables to pick up my horse.

“Hey! Stop! And how about your sister? I have heard she is in troubles….” Merchant voice weakened in the distance before it disappeared completely and was covered up by the sound of the southern wind. I pick up my horse and took a closer look at the map. Location of the Cave Entrance was marked by red cross. Next to the cross there was a note “Get some Balm of Gilead”

That might be tough. It is fairly easy to find if you know who to ask and are ready to pay the price. My sister always got some with her, she would keep it in her pocket all the time wrapped in a piece of cloth that smells of lavender.. Burning feeling suddenly run through my chest. I was looking at the clouds for a moment and then pull my focus back to the map. None of the other notes seemed to have bigger importance and one on the side “Behold Violet Flame of Purification” just didn’t make any sense… at that time.

So I need Balm of Gilead. Fair enough. I knew somebody who will have plenty of it although she won’t entrust it to anyone that easily… be continued.