Astrid Tarot

Tarot Reader with a London edge.

Tarot Reading


162-the-most-difficult-thing-in-life-is-to-know-yourselfTarot card divination might seems just like a few pieces of a thicker paper, picked by random. And indeed, that what it is. That too. But also it is a 78 archetypes describing different life situations or lessons in great depth offering us an understating and larger perspective on what is hard to see from brother perspective otherwise.

Tarot divination method is here to help us understand where we are standing right now, how we got here and where are we heading.


10495023_10204304517477906_7671088539016813360_oPrivate Sessions:

  • 60-70 min long
  • In depth Reading, revealing your past strategies, future strategy, strengths, challenges and hidden influences on the situation
  • Situation analysis focused on best solutions, advice and empowerment.
  • Hand written summary of the reading
  • 6 weeks tarot plan for self-development and personal growth.
  • Central London,UK


I am offering 1to1 private Tarot Reading sessions in London, UK. For more info and rates, please email me at:


Or use the contact form:







I am also offering Skype and Video session available for purchase through my Etsy shop:


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