Astrid Tarot

Tarot Reader with a London edge.



My name is Astrid Haszprunarova,

I am certified Psychotherapist and Crystal Reiki healer offering various packages for healing through energy work, talking therapies and awareness.


I use eclectic mixture of different methods from shamanic meditations to latest psychotherapy discoveries combined in completely tailored-to-you therapy.


Available after appointment at:

London Natural Health Centre46 Theobalds RoadLondonWC1X 8NWFor bookings, please email me to

2 thoughts on “*About

  1. Hi Tereza. Thnx for checking out HGD and following. Glad to return the favor and def look forward to reading some of your writing. The recent post titles have peaked my curiosity.

    • Hi Henry! 🙂 Great you came in touch… how can I NOT follow somebody who mentioned Poe and Ockham’s razor in his “About Page” 😀 I will def keep my eye on your blog. 🙂

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