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How to deal with break up…?

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This is going to be a post on one of the oldest and the most popular topics of all times.  I am quite sure that if you would dig deep enough in some Egyptian scrolls or Aztec stones you will find it somehow, somewhere. Love is with us from the dawn of humanity and it will be the last thing to go when the divine spirit will decide to burn as back to ashes for good.

You are not the first or the last one with broken heart and you are definitely not alone in it. There are thousands of people with broken heart right now. Some lost relatives, child, being cheated on or just couldn’t do it anymore.

So what should one do if he finds himself in this world wide pain swamp? Heartbreak is painful only if you let it to be. I an not saying you should suppress or deny your emotions. Feelings are natural reaction of our body to our minds. Not more not less. If we change our mind we change our pain. A little change of perspective can make the pain go away.

And why we should try to get rid of the pain as soon as possible? Because the pain can make us blind, especially on long term basis.

We can decide to come back to the not working relationship just to avoid the pain or worse in extreme cases it can make us refuse love altogether.

So if you now feel agony, feel it but allow it to pass. Whenever you say “Goodbye” to something the world will reward you with new “Hello”. 😉  Even the nature is renewing itself through the circle of death and rebirth. Getting rid of the old and replace it with new it the most natural way how to grow on intellectual and also personal level.

When the right time will come there will be new spark of love coming into your live and you need to be ready for it. Not filled with pain, fear or regret because that could spoil you the most amazing and uplifting experience that was ever given to a living creature. 😉



ps: Here some breaking up soundtrack:


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