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The Lord’s Flames – part 3

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…..the brightest star is the one that shines in the deepest darkness…

My sister was the one who raised me. Our parents died soon after I was born. I still don’t know where she learned to make potions. Maybe it was her inevitable calling. She never objected when I decided to join archery however I knew she was not happy about it and when I lost my eye she was maybe even glad I escaped that easily from being shot dead.

By that time, I had no idea what is the real price for not facing your fears. Maybe you just can’t see it unless its gone…

I was almost at the gate of Purple Woods. Norther lights lit up the sky and made my path shimmer in many colors. My horse was getting tired. Southern wind was blowing to our backs and kept us moving forward. As I was getting closer to my destination I was less and less afraid of whats coming, that was the exact opposite of what I was expecting but deep inside I was glad.

It was crisp morning when I entered the forest. Dawn was filling the place with sounds of life awakening. Mist was spreading across the woodlands, loosely hugging every tree on its way and sun rays drilled though the impenetrable mass of dense forest cover creating a lighting stage for the rebirth of a new day.

I sat on a stump and began to eat a piece of bread watching the tranquil scenery surrounding me. An object hit my head from behind. Dull pain blinded me for a moment and I felt down from the stump ended up face on the ground in a growing pool of blood. I couldn’t move my head but was able to look up. There was somebody standing over me. I could smell blood and brimstone. I guess things in your life are coming when you are ready for them, not when you think you are ready for them. The Demon of the Crimson Dawn picked me up and threw me over his enormous red shoulder.

I can’t remember how we got into the cave or which way we went. I woke up a few hours later tied up in complete darkness laying on a cold wet ground. The only thing I could hear was water dripping. The sound was making me mad. I could still feel the metallic taste of blood in my mouth. Blunt ache in my head was gone but I was still unable to move without pain. I tried to pull out my left hand from a grip of the rope. Luckily the rope was slightly loose so I could move it a little. There is always a fortune by the end of a “misfortune”. After a while, I was able take my hand out of the grasp of the ropes and after another hour or two re-gain my freedom from the immovability. This little spark of victory filled my veins with appetite for life… now I just need to find out how to get out…


…to be continued..

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