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Are people with Psychic abilities actually good for something?


Oh well, it seems like most of my post are triggered by me hearing something I generally disagree on and I use my blog as a hostage to make a point… oh well..what can you do…

This one was triggered by a friend who were astonished by a psychic able to tell him details from his childhood without knowing much about him. Even though I generally feel this IS impressive however in terms of actual benefit of this for a human life… eh.. not so much.

I am not saying this abilities does not exist. They do. But all this mind reading, moving objects with on and so on, it is not having a greater impact on others life then a circus magician show.

You feel amazed. You feel surprised and the worst part is you feel there is a proof for existence of something higher. Proof that comes not from light that you feel within yourself but from an external comedian.

It is like giving a thirsty person a cup of vine and tell him you are the only one who can give to him while he is standing in crystal clear water all the time, just unaware of it.

While I do believe Tarot is different as it is great tool that can truly help with understanding archetypes around you, I more impressed with people who got “light”, happiness and understanding inside them as for me those people are actual proof of higher principal existence. More then any mind reading, past life kinetic magician.


PS: I am sorry, L. Please don’t hate me.

Author: cocotarot

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2 thoughts on “Are people with Psychic abilities actually good for something?

  1. I don’t hate you at all – it takes a lot more to offend me. I even agree with your sentiments, or I would, if I’d been as starstruck by the psychics’ ‘parlour tricks’ as your post seems to assume. I’m not that naive, though, and while I was duly impressed – anyone who’s read my blog post will understand why – I didn’t take anything for gospel out of hand. I don’t rely on anyone to tell me who I am or what I’m capable of, but it’s an astonishing and wonderful experience when someone can.

  2. Haha, I am glad you are still willing to talk to me. :-)) I was not assuming you were that starstruck.. It is just your experience made me think about the whole idea of this in general and I end up thinking that the attractiveness of this might be easily misleading.

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